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    Here it is! BLV's newest bar night at the FUN HOG RANCH! Happening only on a rare 5th Sunday of the month, Growl is a leather and levi night with Bears Las Vegas with Beer Bust from 6pm-10pm. We'll have the BBQ fired up, the drunken gummy bears sloshed, and the naughty raffles getting hot with GUN OIL giveaways! There is no better way to spend a Sunday than with the bears in leather at the famous FUN HOG! Wear a BLV shirt for $2 off your first drink.
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  • UnderBEAR MARCH!

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    THIS FRIDAY! FEB 28th, 9pm-2am. Clothes Check in the bar.

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Bears Las Vegas is an organization for Bears and their admirers. We are a social club which organizes activities for members that allow them to interact with each other, meet new people, and make new friends. A strong community is our commitment. 

A growing movement in the gay community supports the term bear as a lifestyle choice rather than it's traditional meaning referring to a rugged body type. To be a bear in the past meant being older, heavy set, hairy, and having a tough physique. Nowadays we treat the term as an all inclusive idea that we as gay men can be exactly who we are. We can be tough, we can be hairy, we can be large, we can be nerdy, or none of those things, or all of them. But the most important parts of being a bear is being accepting of each other and supporting others to feel good in their own skin. We do not encourage cattiness, bitchy, dramatic, or negative actions that are common in many parts of LGBT communities. We encourage unity through building a better, stronger, and closer community with an emphasis on inclusion.

Bears Las Vegas' goal is to put the Bears back on top of this town! We only promote events in public places where everyone and anyone can attend. We do not support private or exclusive events. We love all bears and the men who love them back, so we will never turn anyone away. If you wish to promote an event on our page please be mindful of this, it's very important to us. 

We are not a fundraising organization, however, when we do make money at an event we give it all back. We are proud to support our community and we have chosen the Sin Sity Sisters as our charity of choice and will work with them so you can be certain all our proceeds go to help someone who needs it. Vegas loves our Sisters and we feel extremely confident in putting our money in their helping hands. 

We are always looking for Volunteers to help out at our events so if you'd like to become active within the organization please attend one of our meetings and discover what we are all about for yourself. 

All our bar events are 21+. B.A.D. is 18+. Movies, Dinners, and other events (unless otherwise stated) are any age. 

We are open to suggestions and welcome new ideas. In order to present an idea you must attend a Bears Meeting at the Center held every 2nd Friday of the month. At the end of the meeting we have a call for new business where we can vote on new events. In order for an event to be approved there must be a majority of favorable votes reached from members who've attended at least one meeting in the past. This still does not guarantee the event will happen, a committee who oversees it must be made and they will be responsible for putting the event together.